Photos Taken last Christmas at Peoples Park, Davao City Philippines

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Compliments to DSLR Cameras Reviewed

Personal Experience with the Nikon D3000

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 I really love pictures, though I'm not really that interested in Photography nor willing to enhance my skills in relation to it. It just so happened that my brother in law is a Professional Photographer, that covers different events like weddings, baptismal, and nature. Upon seeing his work, I am inspired to do the same. He encourages me to give this hobby a try hence I decided to buy my first Nikon D3000 .

Upon trying I am very impressed and amazed with the photo quality that the camera provides. One thing I like with it its ergonomic design, that fits perfectly into my hands. Also one of the great feature that this model brags is its "Guide Mode". When in guide mode, the camera would tell you on how to set it, to achieve different effects, like blurry background, bokeh, macro shots and many others.

Here are some of my Sample Shots:

Outsourcing Online Classified Ad Posting Projects

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Marketing is one of the essential and key factor for every business success. There are a lot of type of marketing, which varies in strategy and skills of the person that would implement it. The most common and becoming a trend today are online classified ad postings. Many Online Classified websites are offering there services wherein they could host certain ads, unto their website. To note some of the famous are the following:

 Because of the crisis in developed countries like in the US and Europe, wherein the labor cost are high they would outsource services to other countries like India or Philippines. Given the scenario that the person to be hired resides outside of their country the following factors need to be considered before giving it a go:

  1. The Provider to be hired must have a Proxy Server or IP Changer. The reason for this is that many of the websites like Craigslist, could detect IP address from the person visiting/using their website. Therefore, those provider hired would then be asked to post ads on US states and cities would literally fail because their IP address are traced back in other country. The advantage of having these software's, is that provider could generate unique and specific IP address which would match to the state and city that they would be posting.
  2. Removing browser cookies and cache. Those are the datas that been collected by the website, so it is very important to remove it every time you would placed an ad specially if you have been outsourced to post ads on other countries. This could prevent the website from tracing your exact location and IP address, hence could give more a success rate and approval on the posted ad.

My Tribute to Michael Jackson

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I was a bit shocked when a friend of mine told me that Michael Jackson is dead. The next question I ask him is the cause of death and he told me "Cardiac Arrest" I think. I then realized that in these world there are no such thing as permanent. The world was in a state of sadness and grieves for his death, he had contributed much to the music industry His music has inspired many and even opened up awareness on the current situation of the world. His music which includes campaign for peace and environment in any way had moved many to take parts their social responsibility and makes its share in the making of history.

My father once told me that the only thing that you can leave in this world that cannot be forgotten is the legacy. Legacy as a person that took your share in joining and sympathizing those who are oppressed and marginalized and not just living for the sake of your own satisfaction and fulfilment. Some would not even bother or have an interest what really happens in there community, some are even exploiting others for their own good, some are making riches among the rags, those are the realities that needs to be addressed. We must not put more insults into their injuries. As we remember and pay our tribute to the King of Pop we must also bear in Mind that even though he is now dead his struggle continues.

Office Pictures 2

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Pictures taken After our shift at Hubport Office, Matina Davao City.

Office Pictures September 09, 2008

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During our coffee break at Hubport Office, Matina, Davao City

Old Davao Experience

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Some old photos of Davao City.

Old Leyte Pictures

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Leyte Capitol (Picture taken 1944)

Ferb (2 weeks)

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Me and Nina

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